Bill Maxwell

This website is the result of constant pressure from friends and other well-meaning people who think I have something important to say. Although I am not a fan of the internet, I have agreed to share my thoughts through this medium. - Bill Maxwell
“Maxwell’s lived experience is invaluable; his voice is inimitable; and his courage is unequaled. Reading this priceless collection, you will undoubtedly agree that the people and causes for which he writes have no better advocate, nor will they likely have one again like him in our lifetimes. Bill Maxwell is a Florida—and national—treasure, and we are all fortunate to have shared this precious state with him for so many years.”—Greg Asbed, co-founder, Coalition of Immokalee Workers
“Maxwell’s social and cultural commentaries provide prescient wisdom and insight into many controversial issues within Florida and our nation as a whole that flow from his own unique and varied life experiences. The collection highlights the essence of one of Florida’s greatest writers and thinkers whose perspectives are exceedingly relevant to the issues our society and state continue to grapple with today.”—Patrick Ferguson, organizing representative for the Sierra Club, Florida Chapter
"One of the most distinctive and independent voices in American journalism . . . a voice that can inspire and infuriate . . . a voice that must not be ignored, especially if we Americans hope to create in this next century something that looks vaguely like a multi-racial, multi-ethnic democracy."--Roy Peter Clark, Poynter Institute, St. Petersburg